Coffin Appearance

Coffin at spawn

Coffin is a class that can do some work when used efficiently. This class is a Brawler that has two lives. Each life having different move sets.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Alive Form[edit | edit source]

LMB "Coffin" - Whack enemies with your coffin, your fourth LMB will launch a claw that teleports enemies to you when hit. LMB stays the same during both lives.
Q "Undertaker" - Dash forward and slam your coffin on the ground. Applies fear and 10 DMG to enemies hit.

E "Graveyard" - Create and AOE that deals damage and steal enemy HP.

F "Second Chance" - Using this move will kill you and bring you back to life with extra HP shield depending on your previous HP in alive form.

Dead Form[edit | edit source]

Q "Siphoning Beam" - Channel a beam that deals damage and steals enemy HP.

E "Redemption" - Throw a coffin that teleports enemies to you when hit. When teleported they will be stunned allowing you to punch them for 15 DMG.

F "Eternal Limbo" - Create and AOE that restricts players HP from dropping under 10%

Tips For Coffin[edit | edit source]

Use your Q if in Dead Form if your trying to run from enemy. If enemy chase you can just walk back ward hit enemy with Q to steal there HP. If in Alive Form you can just spam E if an enemy is close.

If you use your E in dead form, attempt to follow it up with a basic attack for 25 total damage.

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