Vulture - Target player who are weak or have small HP

DMG - Damage

ez - easy usually just use to say Round is easy

Clutch - Kill a player while on low HP

HP - Heath Point

Salty - Players who just get mad at other Players for killing them or winning. They will mostly try use classes that are OP or think there OP. Or team.

OP - Just a way to say powerful.

Teamer - People who just want to team with another player in game mode that does not include teams.

Runner - People who run to healer because they are low or got hit by a attack. They are just cowards.

AoE - Area of Effect. Everyone around you and you get same effect or DMG or both

Dot - Damage over time.

Noob - A player that is a newbie or has the same skill-level as one.

Gg - Mean Good game or Get good.

MM - Melee Mash

Jojo Fan - People who play MM and fan of jojo have high chance of cosplaying jojo character. And play Spirit also cosplay Dio and Jotaro etc.

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