Melee Mash Wiki

Are people spouting off in chat with words you don't recognize? Check here for Critical Str- I mean Melee Mash lingo! Eheh.

Word Definition Example
Airstall Any move that increases the user's time off of the ground. Can be used to "stall" from falling into the Void, or to stay out of reach of other players. "I like abusing Gloves airstall on Strange Platform."
AoE "Area of Effect" - Refers to the area in which players can be affected by an attack "Thank God Spirit's F AoE was nerfed, it was way too big!"
bhop/bhopping Short for "bunny hopping", which means spamming the jump button to avoid attack. "bhopping Lanterns are the most annoying thing in the world"
DNC/dnc "Do not contact/care" - nearly always used jokingly when one loses in some way. "dnc!!"
EZ/ez Short for "easy", the implication being that the fight was easy. Either used to be toxic, or as a joke. Using it as a response to someone else's ez isn't as bad as starting it. "ez"
Flaming tech When you/your opponent falls into the Void and dies from it while fighting. This is a reference to the hilarious clip of FlamingBroP falling into the Void while fighting Fierynub during the Melee Mash Tournament held by julez. "Just did a flaming tech gg ez"
GG/gg Typically short for "good game". Rarely used for "get good". "gg lol that was fun"
HBE/hbe "Hit box extender" - a type of exploit players use that manipulates the hitboxes of other people, making them much easier to hit. Typically suspected when attacks landing are too abnormal to dismiss as lag. "That Uzi is definitely using HBE, his shots missed by a mile!"
Lag Typically stated if someone is experiencing visible FPS drops, either due to slow computers or bad internet (high ping). Used as an excuse for losing matchups, or landing an attack that shouldn't have otherwise. A sudden drop in FPS is referred to as a "lag spike" or "ping spike". "Bruh I just got a lag spike"
smh "shake my head" - used to express disappointment "I keep slipping into the void smh"
Spacer A class that uses agility, knockback, or large bursts of damage to ensure that opponents stay as far as possible away from them. "When I feel like bullying melee classes, I use Tome."
Teamer Someone who fights alongside with, or "teams", with one or more players. Typically looked down upon, and thus is used as an insult. Denotes weakness, especially upon defeat. "bruhhh teaming Coffins bruhhh"
Viet Vietnamese - a derogatory term for laggy players. The implication is that one's ping is so high, they might as well be on the opposite side of the globe. As the playerbase is largely based in the West, the "opposite site of the globe" would be southeast Asia, where Vietname is. "Watch out for that viet Zweihander."
Vulture Refers to someone who steals someone else's kill, or otherwise interferes in a 1v1. Also referred to as "third partying" "bruh this Sniper keeps vulturing me god"
Zoner/Zoning A "zoner" is a class or player that uses many projectiles or danger zones to pressure others into their attacks "I sure love zoning those poor Hammer users."