Melee Mash Wiki


WASD to walk

Left Mouse Button (LMB) - LMB attack, also used for clicking on the UI elements.

Q - Q ability

E - E ability

F - F ability

Z - Toggles Mouselock on and off, making your avatar (and any attacks) target wherever the your mouse is.

delete - Makes you taunt. Your avatar dances along to a song, but the song is client-side.

Tab - displays current players, their current winstreak, amount of wins, amount of KOs, and amount of points.

Wins, Kills, and Points

Wins are the number of times you were the last survivor in either Free For All or Instant Closing Clash. Winstreak, then, is the amount of wins in a row.

Kills simply keep track of total player kills.

Points are obtained by winning (50 points), by killing (10 points), or by surviving until the match ends (10 points). Points are currently not used for anything.

Weapon Selection

Upon entering the game, players are sent to the lobby. From there, they may select any displayed weapon of their choosing by walking into it.

In the back of the lobby is a teleport to another section of the lobby, where Freezer may be seen. However, regular players cannot use this class, and upon attempting to use the blocked-off teleport will be reset.

Waiting Room

After selecting their weapon, players are sent to the waiting room. The waiting room is a large area. On the left side is a display called "Credits" that lists credits, and a few blocks that list information on Status Effects. There is also a large green bounce pad in the bottom-left corner.

On the right side are more Status Effects blocks, and a display called "Next Updates" that lists upcoming updates.

At the front is a large wall for color selection, where players may customize the colors of their chosen weapon. These colors will remain the same and persist across weapons until the player decides to change them. On the left side of the color wall is a list of in-game rules, and on the right side is a list of "Top Player KO's" (knockouts). There are also five dummies that take damage. Four are grey clothed and have 100 health, and one has black clothing and has 10,000 health.

In the back of the waiting room is a white teleport pad that takes players back to the lobby. Sometimes, this teleport pad randomly stops working, forcing players to reset.



On the left side of the screen is a sidebar with 4 clickable sections. From top to bottom, Class Info, the Mute toggle, the Spectate button, and the Color Filter toggle.

Class Info displays the name of the current class, the names of the moves, what the moves do, and the type of class. If the class does not have any class information, clicking this button will do nothing (Anchor and Zweihander).

Mute toggle turns the music on and off.

Spectate brings up a menu that allows one to spectate any player. Blue names are alive, while white names are currently in the lobby or the waiting room. This button is disabled while in the arena.

Color Filter toggle, if enabled, turns everyone else's hitboxes red.

Bottom bar

On the bottom of the screen is a bar that displays your current class's move icons, and their cooldown timers. Some classes have a dash as a placeholder icon for their move icons, while others have none. It also displays if you are able to use an alternate move, or ALT, by showing a "!!!" above the move icon.


At least two people are required to be in the waiting room to start the match. Otherwise, the chat will display "Not enough players to begin the game". When the game detects two people in the waiting room, it will display "Intermission, the game will begin in 10 seconds". After that, it displays "(current gamemode), you have 15 seconds to get prepared", "Selecting map..." and then the map selected will be loaded as well as the skybox, displaying "The map will be (Name of map)". The chat will then display "Ready?", then "MASH".

Upon teleporting to the map, and upon teleporting to Closing Clash, all players have the FORCEFIELD buff that render them impervious to all damage including Void. It lasts 3 seconds.

Each map is shaped roughly like a square, with a heal cube, or heal, on each corner. They heal 15 health, and also heal red health.

For more information on the maps, see here.


Combat is free-for-all, meaning that unless they are on the same team in Team Elimination Mode, everyone may engage each other at all times.

Each player has a health bar, visible to everyone, of varying maximum health, depending on the class they picked. LMB, Q, E, and F deal damage if they are attacking moves. Generally speaking, LMB is always an attack of some sorts. Q and E tend to be more focused on abilities, which can attack, act as mobility, or be defensive. F tends to be the "ultimate move" of that class's kit, but how "ultimate" this move is depends on the class.

When a player is killed, whoever damaged them will receive 30 health. The player who landed the killing blow will receive 60 health and 20 shield. This health regenerates Red health, but can be denied with the Injured debuff. A death message will appear in chat, stating who killed who. If multiple people dealt damage to the same target, then the death message will consist of the killer, and the second-to-last person who dealt damage.

Shield appears as a small cyan bar in the top left of the player's health bar, and it essentially acts as extra health. Once it is depleted, it cannot be restored.

Damage Types

There are four main types of damage: Normal damage, Neutral damage, True damage, and status effect damage.

Normal damage is affected by Buffs and Debuffs, and is the most common type of damage in the game. Its color ranges from grey to yellow to red, with grey being little to no damage, and red being a stupidly high amount of damage.

Neutral damage is the rarest damage type in the game, only being utilized by four classes. It ignores any sort of damage and defense buffs and debuffs. Its color is cyan.

True damage is a more common damage type, and is characterized by ignoring any type of shield. It is affected by the target's defense debuffs (deals more damage), ignores the target's defense buffs (still deals base damage), is affected by the attacker's damage buffs (deals more damage), and it ignores the attacker's damage debuffs (still deals base damage). It is rainbow colored.

Status effect damage depends on the status effect, but they typically ignore defense. More can be seen here

Red Health

When a player receives damage from another player, a portion of their health bar turns red, which cannot be healed except by either killing another player, or using a heal cube. For the majority of the time, this portion is 33.3%. However, with lower damage values, this percentage fluctuates slightly, as the health bar does not appreciate decimal values. In fact, if a player takes damage that results in a decimal (such as Revolver LMB), the health bar takes a bit longer to heal up, and when it does, it is an integer.

The exception is this is taking 2 damage and 1 damage, which results in 50% and 100% of the damage being converted to red respectively.

Health Bar Color

The health bar does not remain green. Much like the default Roblox health bar, it changes color as the player's health decreases, from green, to yellow, to orange, to red.

Turns Yellow - 60 % HP

Turns Orange - 40 % HP

Turns Red - 20 % HP


Beneath every map in the game is a layer called the Void, which deals damage to players that fall in and bounce them back up. There are a few different glitches that occur with the Void. The Void can also serve as a method of fast travel by utilizing the bounce, especially by fast classes.

It deals damage equivalent to 15% of the player's total health.

Game Modes

There are currently 3 game modes in the game: Free For All, Team Elimination, and Instant Closing Clash.

  • In Free For All, all players may deal damage to each other. After 2 minutes, the server display the message "Closing Clash will begin in 10 seconds", and then will teleport everyone to the map's respective Closing Clash arena while displaying "CLOSING CLASH". After a certain amount of time, if there are any players still alive, they are instantly killed, and the message "Nobody wins the match, all survivors get 10 points" appears.
  • In Team Elimination, players are randomly split up into red versus blue, with their weapon colors being changed to red or blue, and a colored square being underneath them. Friendly fire is not enabled. The goal is to kill everyone on the other team, but sometimes, this is a bit bugged. Support classes are able to heal their teammates. After 2 minutes, the server will teleport everyone to the map's respective Closing Clash arena. After a certain amount of time, if there are any players still alive, they are instantly killed, and the message "Nobody won the match" appears. If a team wins, everyone on that team is given 50 points.
  • In Instant Closing Clash, all players may deal damage to each other. It is identical to Free For All, but solely utilizing the map's Closing Clash arena. It ends after a certain amount of time.

The amount of time Closing Clash lasts is 90 seconds, plus 30 seconds for every player that is alive at the beginning of Closing Clash.