Melee Mash Wiki

Hello there! I see that you want to help out this wiki! Just don't forget to abide by our rules and such!

Be chill

  • Really, just be nice to everyone. Not that you can't argue or critique, but harassment, threats, bullying, and intimidation, are not allowed.
  • Keep drama away from this wiki. Nothing about any players you may dislike. This is just for the game itself.
  • Follow FANDOM Terms of Service.

Page Basics

  • CONVENTIONS - Please, follow established formatting conventions for class pages. They are there for a reason.
    • If you believe you came up with a better ones, contact Coralbits on Discord! Or, post on my wall.
  • LEGIBILITY - Writing should be human-readable, simple, but not messy.
  • ACCURACY - Test before posting, such as stats and combos.
  • NO VANDALISM - This will get you banned.
  • NO EDIT WARS - Please come to an agreement, edit wars aren't productive.
  • AVOID REDUNDANCY - Try to make sure you don't add information that's already on the page.
  • CATEGORIES - Be careful with these. If you misspell them, they'll stick around, and if you give them a page, only admins can delete them.


  • USEFULNESS - don't just post an image of you with your weapon onto class pages. If you want to show off, do it in the discussion forums.


  • If you can make a video that showcases how to use the weapon, go ahead and link it in the weapon's gallery!
  • Videos of the weapons firing, showcasing range, stuff like that
  • Videos of glitches are also acceptable