Brawler Class (AKUMA), Shackles is a Melee class that mainly relies on close range attacks that deal moderate to high damage.[edit | edit source]

LMB - Shackles : User whips the enemies with the chains on their arms[edit | edit source]

Q - Condemning Combo : stand still for 0.5 Seconds and spin your chains around you, knocking you and enemy up if it hits, the move can be recasted up to 2 times. and stacks end once you hit the ground[edit | edit source]

E - Imprisonment : slow yourself for 0.5 seconds and then summon a chain from the ground, if you hit an enemy you willknock yourself and them airborne[edit | edit source]

F - OH MY GOD THE STUNLOCK : TL:DR basically you can become untargetable for a short period of time and if you touch someone you barrage them like SUTA PURACHINA you can follow it up with Q or E[edit | edit source]

Trivia :[edit | edit source]

I (bruhtaro) made this page but i was signed out because i was clearing my history (dont ask why)

Shackles is a reworked class

Most people hate shackles because of his F move

i (bruhtaro) wasnt playing melee mash when naming the F move soo thats why its like that

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