Sniper at spawn

Sniper is a Ranger type class. It has high damage dealing abilities and good mobility for a class that carries a sniper. If used correctly this class can do some work on the field. Snipers are armed with an AWP and spring mine. The spring mine allows the user to launch themselves in the air. While in the air the user can use their abilities to snipe enemies. The spring mine makes sniper mains hated among the Melee Mash community.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

LMB "Sniper" - Fire a high speed bullet

Q "Spring Mine" - Cast a spring that you can bounce on, allowing you to aim, deals 5 damage to enemies who step on the mine.

E "Musket Ball" - Shoot out 2 bouncing projectiles that cripple enemies, making them unable to jump

F "de_dust" - Fire a incredibly fast bullet that deals true damage, if you hit a headshot, the damage is doubled.

Tips for Sniper[edit | edit source]

Use your E when enemies are running or while in a fight. Then use your F after using your Q to snipe them as they try to run. The cripple effect makes it much more easier to aim because it stops the enemy from spamming jump.

Your bullets are not that fast so you'll have to predict enemies movements. Try to lead your bullets when using your abilities. This is also helpful when fighting against enemies that have stealth abilities that turn them invisible.

You can also cripple someone in Closing Clash and then use F on the ground.

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