Melee Mash Wiki


Status Effects are buffs, debuffs, or simply a status, that players can afflict or be afflicted by.


Damage Buff - "Target will get their damage increased up for a while"

Defense Buff - "Target will get their defense increased up for a while"

Eternal Limbo - No in-game description. Target cannot go below 10% of their maximum HP.

  • This is true even if a Hooks executes the person affected. The execute text ("!!!EXECUTED!!!") will appear on screen, but the Eternal Limbo overrides the execute. If the person is killed by any means, however, the executed chat message will still display even if the cause of death is by a different class.

Haste - "Target will run faster and jump higher than usual"

Pixie - No in-game description. Only seen in Wand's F, which behaves like Untargetable.

Regenerate - "Target will regenerate their HP for a while"

Untargetable - "Target will immune to damage and effect for a while"


Blinded - "Target's screen will become darker and harder to see"

Burning - "Target will take damage for a while but can inflict Burn on hit"

Corrupted - "Take damage again after 0.5 seconds, killer gets full HP and shield HP". Goes up to 8 stacks.

Cripple - "Target will be unable to jump or dash for a while"

Cursed - "makes debuffs last 2x longer"

Damage Debuff - "Target will get their damage lowered for a while"

Defense Debuff - "Target will get their defense lowered down for a while"

Despair - No in-game description. Target takes 3 damage per second for 3 seconds. Despair can stack, and it ends prematurely if the target is attacked. If hit by Tome attack, 1.5 times the damage is received.

Injured - "Target will be denied any kind of healing for a while"

Marked - No in-game description. No cap on stacks.

Oiled - No in-game description. If target is hit with Rocket's LMB or F, they are inflicted with Burning.

Poisoned - "Target will take damage with the poison stack after getting hit by an attack"

Shocked - "Target will get their screen shaken like crazy for a while"

Slowed - "Target will be slowed down and jump lower than usual"

Virus - "take damage x the amount of stack of virus"


Airborne - No in-game description. Target cannot move or attack and is flung up into the air a varying number of studs.

Binded - "Target will be unable to move or jump for a while but still able to attack"

Disable - "Target will be unable to use attacks for a while"

Fear - No in-game description. Target runs away from the inflictor for 2 seconds. Utilized only by Coffin's Alive Form Q.

Frozen - "Target will be frozen for a while but gain huge increased defense"

Pinned - No in-game description. Target cannot move nor attack, and will be teleported to the ground if they were in air.

Sleep - "Target will be unable to move or attack but gain increased defense and will wake up if got attacked"

Stopped - "Target will be unable to move or attack and also stop the target's cooldowns"

Stunned - "Target will be unable to move or attack for a while"


Chill - No in-game description. If the target is hit by Dagger's F, they will become Frozen and take 5/3 times the damage.

Staggered - No in-game description. Lasts for 2 seconds. If the target is hit again, they are Stunned.

Woke - No in-game description. The target transitions to this state after having been afflicted with Sleep.


Bleed - "Target will slowly get damaged based on half of their missing HP for a while"